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The biggest room in the world they say is the room for improvement! For those who choose to pitch in and improve our environment, now you have a useful tool to do just that. If you’re the environmental conscious type like us, you probably have a handful of reusable shopping bags stowed away in your trunk just waiting to be used and grabbed upon arrival at your local grocery store, yet some how with all the buzzing going on through our brains as we pull up, we more often than not forget to grab our shopping bags. We find ourselves at check out counter thinking, “not again!” and rather than run out to the car to to grab our handy grocery bags, we simply end up buying more, which adds to our bill, our hoarding collection of reusable grocery bags and doesn’t quite help out the environment as we’d hoped.

Reusable Shopping Bag reminder

Alas, you’re in Luck! Now with our ReBagIt App, you’ll never forget your reusable bags again! Allow our app to be your reminder as you pull up to your local grocery store and be alerted and reminded to grab your handy dandy shopping bags! Not only will you feel proud of yourself for remembering, but you’ll also be doing a good service for the environment and your pockets.

Save your favorite store’s

In order to receive your reminder to grab your reusable bags, you’ll need to input your favorite local stores. our GPS system will have no problem locating stores nearby, just start typing in the name of your local grocer or do a search by city and zip code. You can add as many as 20 locations. You can even type in addresses to your local framers market. While you’re at it, go ahead and set a second reminder. This comes in handy in the heavy populated area’s where it may take some time to find a parking spot! The next thing you know, you’re out of the car headed into the store empty handed and have yet again forgotten all about the grocery bags waiting for you in the trunk, when viola, the second reminder chimes in to save the day! With the ReBagIt App, you’ll never forget your bags again.

Grocery List

Need an easy way to keep all your grocer needs organized? Not only can the ReBagIt App be your gracious reminder to grab your bags but it can also act as your grocery list. No need to pull out that pen and paper any more like the good old days. Just open the app and start adding to the grocery list as items you need come up. As you roam the isle and grab your goods, simply swipe left to to rid off that item.

Reminder to wash your bags

We recommend setting a remind to throw your reusable bags into the wash once or twice a month to keep things clean. No one wants to their grocery bags to smell of spilt milk and rotten eggs. We like to keep things clean and fresh around here, so why not show your bags some love too!

Introducing: ReBag-It!

You may never forget your grocery bags again!

Feature packed application ReBag-it was created for our busy lives.

  • Set your home location, then when you get home you will be reminded to put you reusable bags back in you vehicle.
  • Set your favorite stores, by map pin view or see a list of stores.
  • Set your secondary reminder, to fit your life.
  • Set your reminder by feet, 109 ft minimum (300) recommended

Paid version

  • Adds, up to 20 stores, plus a shopping list. ( Yay)
  • Now, go shop and never worry about your reusable bags again!

Never Forget Your Grocery Bags Again

Tell the app which grocery stores you most frequently visit. When you arrive at any of these stores, the app will send you a notification on your phone to “Get your grocery bags!”

Add a Favorite Store With One Click

If you are currently in a grocery store that is not in your favorites list, add this store to your favorites. You can even add a custom location (such as a farmers market) using this option.

Select Your Favorite Grocery Stores

Your favorite stores are the grocery stores you most frequently visit. You can have up to 20 favorite stores. When you arrive at any of the stores in your favorites list, you will receive a notification on your phone to “Remember your grocery bags”!

Search for stores near your location with a single tap.

  • Search by city or zip code.
  • Select the stores you visit frequently.
  • Save them to your favorites list.

Never forget your grocery bags again

A new feature added to the Paid app, that is “Wash Your Bags‘.

It reminds people to wash there bags, they can select form once each two weeks, once a month or every other month.

Never forget your grocery bags again

ReBagIt App Available on

Tips and Faq’s

Q. My notification will not go off as I drive up to store parking lot. Is there a fix?

A. Two things that can help, turn on your wifi. Also you could set your geofield to a wider setting.

Example: Geofield set at default 250 feet, change it to 400 feet, then adjust down until correct balance has been found.

Q. How do I change my geofield?

A. After a store is set up, go to your store list, then tap on the store you would like to adjust.

Note:  As you go to a store, if it does not send notification on time, most likely it will work faster the next time you go to that store. Why? Cellular towers remember when you have traveled, therefore it should react properly the next visit.

Q. How do I delete items in my shopping list?

A. You can do this in two ways: One, tap the ‘clear’ word, it will clear all items on the list.

Two, slide item to the left. A red ‘delete’ button will appear, tap it and that item will be deleted.

Please Note: Android and iPhone both have disclaimers on the accuracy of their geofield timers, so it could take up to a maximum of 6 min. however that is very rare.

How to force a Cellular tower notice your app: While in the geofield of the store, go to store

list, tap on the store you are at. Change the geofiled a little, then press done, withing a few seconds the notification should fire, then the secondary should fire based on your settings. Next time you visit the store it should fire properly.­

Instruction Video For Android Setup